From CBD to THC-P: Inside Binoid’s Production Timeline

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  • Binoid CBD's production timeline, from CBD to THC-P products
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  • Binoid CBD's expansion to other cannabinoids and their production processes

Binoid CBD, a prominent company in the hemp industry, has gained acclaim for its expertise in developing high-quality cannabinoid products. In this article, we will explore Binoid CBD's production timeline, focusing on its journey from CBD to THC-P products.

From Cbd To Thc-P: Inside Binoid'S Production Timeline

Early Focus on CBD

Binoid CBD began its journey by focusing on the development of CBD-infused products. With a commitment to sourcing high-quality hemp plants, the company established itself as a leader in the industry. By leveraging their expertise in extracting CBD and formulating various products, Binoid CBD quickly gained recognition for its exceptional CBD offerings.

CBD Production Timeline

From Cbd To Thc-P: Inside Binoid'S Production Timeline

Expansion to Other Cannabinoids

Driven by a commitment to innovation and meeting the diverse needs of consumers, Binoid CBD decided to expand its product range beyond CBD. The company recognized the potential of other cannabinoids and aimed to harness their unique properties for the benefit of its customers.

One such cannabinoid that Binoid CBD incorporated into its product line was Delta 8 THC. Delta 8 THC is a lesser-known cannabinoid that shares similarities with its more famous counterpart, Delta 9 THC. It is naturally occurring in hemp and offers potential therapeutic effects, including reduced nausea, improved appetite, and relief from discomfort. Since its federal legalization in 2018, Delta 8 THC has experienced rapid growth in the industry as consumers have become increasingly aware of its benefits.

In a bold move that further solidified its position as an industry leader, Binoid CBD recently launched “The BFG” – the largest legal THC gummy available in the market. With an impressive 3000mg of Delta 9 THC, The BFG offers consumers a unique and potent experience. Additionally, it contains high amounts of Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids, making it a well-rounded product.

The production process of The BFG is meticulously carried out to ensure precise dosing and consistent quality. Binoid CBD's commitment to quality control measures guarantees that each gummy is accurately infused with the desired amount of Delta 9 THC. This attention to detail ensures that consumers can enjoy The BFG with confidence, knowing they are getting a reliable and potent product.

From Cbd To Thc-P: Inside Binoid'S Production Timeline

Pre-orders and Successful Release

The launch of The BFG has been met with great enthusiasm from consumers, as evidenced by the significant pre-orders received by Binoid CBD. This overwhelming response reflects the company's reputation for producing high-quality cannabinoid products that consumers trust. Binoid CBD's efficient shipping methods further contribute to the positive customer experience, ensuring that products are delivered in a timely and discreet manner.

Delta 8 THC History and Potential Benefits

Delta 8 THC has a fascinating history and offers a range of potential benefits. This cannabinoid has been the subject of extensive research, with studies suggesting its potential to shrink tumors, reduce nausea, improve appetite, and provide relief from discomfort. Its federal legalization in 2018 opened up new avenues for exploration and growth in the industry.

Binoid CBD's production process for Delta 8 THC involves meticulous extraction, refining, and product formulation. By adhering to strict quality standards, Binoid CBD ensures that its Delta 8 THC products are of the highest quality, offering consumers a safe and reliable option.

Case Study: The Journey of a CBD User to THC-P

Meet Sarah, a 35-year-old woman who has been using CBD products for the past few years to manage her anxiety. She started with CBD oil and found it beneficial in reducing her stress levels and promoting relaxation. However, as she learned more about the potential benefits of other cannabinoids, she became intrigued by the idea of trying THC-P.

Curiosity led Sarah to explore Binoid CBD's product range, and she discovered their THC-P line. Intrigued by the potential therapeutic effects, Sarah decided to give it a try. She ordered a THC-P vape cartridge and some THC-P gummies to experience the benefits of this lesser-known cannabinoid.

When the package arrived, Sarah was impressed by the professional packaging and clear labeling. She appreciated Binoid CBD's commitment to providing accurate information about their products. Sarah decided to start with the vape cartridge and carefully followed the dosage instructions.

After her first puff, Sarah felt a wave of relaxation wash over her. The THC-P vape delivered a gentle, calming sensation without any overwhelming psychoactive effects. She continued to use the vape cartridge throughout the week and found that it helped her unwind after a long day and provided a sense of mental clarity.

Encouraged by her positive experience with the vape cartridge, Sarah decided to try the THC-P gummies as well. She found that they offered a longer-lasting effect, perfect for when she needed a more sustained sense of calmness. Sarah was impressed by the consistent dosage and delicious flavor of the gummies, making them a convenient and enjoyable way to incorporate THC-P into her wellness routine.

Sarah's experience with Binoid CBD's THC-P products highlighted the company's commitment to quality and innovation. She appreciated the meticulous production processes and third-party testing that ensured the purity and potency of the THC-P products she was consuming. This journey from CBD to THC-P allowed Sarah to explore the potential benefits of different cannabinoids and find a range of products that suited her wellness needs.

Discovery and Production of THC-P

In 2019, Binoid CBD made an accidental discovery that would further expand its product range – THC-P. This psychoactive cannabinoid, the most potent in hemp, is naturally occurring and was found to have unique properties. Binoid CBD recognized the potential of THC-P and embarked on a journey to develop high-quality THC-P products.

To obtain high levels of THC-P from industrial hemp, Binoid CBD employs advanced extraction techniques. These techniques, combined with stringent third-party testing for compliance and purity, ensure that Binoid CBD's THC-P products meet the highest standards. From vapes to edibles, each product undergoes a rigorous production process that includes isomerization and precise formulation.


Binoid CBD's production timeline showcases the company's evolution from CBD-infused products to a diverse range of high-quality cannabinoid offerings, including The BFG and THC-P products. With a strong emphasis on research, development, and innovation, Binoid CBD has established itself as a trusted brand in the industry.

Consumers can rely on Binoid CBD's commitment to delivering safe and effective products, thanks to their meticulous production processes and quality control measures. As the company continues to explore the potential of different cannabinoids, Binoid CBD remains dedicated to meeting the wellness needs of its customers and shaping the future of the hemp industry.

For more information on Binoid CBD's products and the benefits of cannabinoids, you can visit their website or explore their LinkedIn page.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on research and publicly available sources. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with a healthcare professional before using any cannabinoid products for therapeutic purposes.


What is the timeline for binoid CBD production?

Binoid CBD production typically takes 6-8 weeks from start to finish.

Who oversees the binoid CBD production process?

Binoid CBD production is overseen by experienced industry professionals.

How is binoid CBD produced?

Binoid CBD is produced using a meticulous extraction and refining process.

What factors can affect the binoid CBD production timeline?

Factors such as quantity, quality, and demand can impact the timeline.

How can I ensure timely delivery of binoid CBD products?

By placing orders in advance and staying in touch with the supplier.

Isn't the binoid CBD production timeline too long?

While it may seem lengthy, this timeline ensures high-quality CBD products.

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